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What is an IP Address?

IP stands for internet protocol, a number that is assigned to a machine or device that is connected to the internet. There are many types of machines that are classified in this group such as printer, modems and even routers. Through these machines, which are part of the network, this number can relay information about the device, as well as about the connection to the network.

The IP address is a crucial part of these machines, as the series of numbers enable the machines to communicate with one another to relay information as well as act as the network which can help to increase the capabilities of the computer. Without a computer, a printer would be meaningless and without a modem, a computer would be unable to connect to the internet. With the IP address, it can enable the computer, printer and even the modem to work together to increase the capability and function of the computer.

The IP address allows the machine to receive information from the network. IP addresses are often used within email address, but rather than an IP address the user is able to determine a name, which will be the login name and associate this name with the domain name. The combination of these two aspects replaces an IP address which would house the same amount of information.

There are many types of IP addresses that are used on a day to day basis to facilitate communication and function throughout the network. Some of the most common types of IP addresses include:

Dynamic IP Address
A dynamic IP address is one that changes each time that the user logs onto the network or makes use of the network. This IP address is generated by the company or the server that is providing the internet connection and allows the user to connect to the internet and through the network without knowing the specifics of the connection. The changing IP address serves as a means to recognize this information and therefore save the user the trouble.

Statip IP Address
In the case that you wish to have a static IP address,in the instance that you are controlling a server (where this can be beneficial) this is also available from the majority of internet service providers. The static IP address can be easily assigned to your internet connection but often comes at an extra cost each month. Through this change in the service, you will easily be able to control the server with the static IP address, that is unchanging from log in to log in.

Other IP Addresses
There are three other versions of IP addresses that are available from the internet service providers and through the available servers. Although there are a finite number of IP addresses that are available, you can often find the services that you need. IP numbers are often grouped within a certain area. The types of IP addresses that are available are those based around a UNIX code, as well as a replacement for the version 4 of IP addresses which are used in regards to the majority of computers and other networking devices. These numbers are finite and therefore a replacement is required in order to ensure that new addresses are able to be created and access to networking, as well the internet can be easily granted when there are IP addresses that are available to new customers.

There are a certain number of IP addresses that are available, that can be used from each service provider. Choosing a static IP address is often available on a first come, first serve basis and therefore the services are not always available to customers. Ensuring that you research this information and the availability of the IP addresses before signing up for services can be an effective way to ensure that you are able to attain the services that you require when it comes to your internet connection and networking capabilities from the home.

There are many forms of the IP address. In the previous forms of IP addresses, users are often familiar with the series of four two to three digit numbers which are separated with dots between each of the numbers. There are many forms that are being created and with the innovative technology, the forms of the IP address and the way that the IP address can be written and understood are growing.

How do you find out your IP address? There are many services that are available on the internet that can allow you access to the IP address. Most websites on the internet are enabled to track this information and therefore by visiting a simple website, such as IPAddressCheck.com, you are able to learn the IP address of the computer that you are using to access the website.

As well as being able to determine your own IP address from the coordinates of the numbers which are used in the series within the IP address, you are also able to determine the location of an individual based on their IP address. You can use many tools on the internet to complete this task and it is easily available, free of charge. Using these tools can be useful whether you are trying to track demographics from your email, or blog even website statistics.

The IP address is an important part of being able to track statistics for visitors to certain websites and pages. Using the IP address, the tracking system is able to determine patterns within locations, as well as location information for users that have not only left comments on the blog or website, but the visitors that have clicked on links to visit various websites and blogs. It is important to realize that although these tools can be useful, they are not one hundred percent accurate all of the time as there are many factors that can skew the results of the location determining tools.

Learning about an IP address can help you understand further the principals of the internet and networking.

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